Aircraft Lease

Aircraft Lease

Pioneer International Gate Group always seeks to provide all the various services, especially in the aviation sector, at the highest quality, whether on the ground or in the sky. The group’s experts track and monitor all stages of the trip from the moment of signing the rental contract until the end of his flight.

Chartering transit flights

Chartering transit flights for the transportation of passengers from all countries of the world for the purpose of Umrah, Hajj and Ziyarah, as well as private flights with no fixed dates.

Air Freight

The group focuses its services in this department because it has become a pillar of global trade, including air freight services, cargo loading and unloading services from Saudi Arabia to all parts of the world, and vice versa, freight tracking services, integrated services in packaging in terms of safe packaging of all kinds, whether at the company’s headquarters or at the customer’s headquarters.

In connection with this section, we found the importance of contracting with merchants working in the import and export activity in air freight, as it is an ideal solution to complete their business, and they do not find the same in other types of shipping, as it has many advantages, including:

  • Air freight is the fastest among the types of shipping, it can transport things to the most distant places in the world within one day.
  • Air freight is characterized by high confidence and complete safety in terms of safety of shipped items and protection from looting and theft.
  • It is characterized by the flexibility of its legal procedures and also the ease of clearing customs procedures in it.
  • Insurance costs for air-borne shipments are relatively low compared to marine insurance expenses.
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